HIV/STI Testing

LoveYourself Selfcare


You can make sure that you have fast, confidential, and accurate testing at the comfort of your own home with SelfCare. LoveYourself has partnered with Chembio to provide these SelfCare kits to your home through local delivery services which include the self-screening kit, a single-use lancet, an alcohol swab, and instructional materials that direct clients step by step through the process with a link to a counseling video by our ambassadors, Catriona Gray and Paolo Gumabao.

SelfCare Trailer

SelfCare, the first HIV self-screening kit in the Philippines!With only three simple steps, you will get to know your HIV status in as fast as 20 minutes.Everyone deserve access. SelfCare, Safe and Secure.SelfCare is FREE for the first 1,500 clients (for Metro Manila-based residents only). Get yours today here:

Posted by SelfCare on Monday, April 13, 2020

Currently, results of the pilot study are being analyzed to evaluate the experiences of the participants and see if the Philippines is ready for self-screening. Stay tuned to our official announcements on the availability of our SelfCare kits.

LoveYourself Community Center

Community Center Testing

LoveYourself is a network of seven community centers strong across Luzon and Visayas. From Metro Manila, Cavite, to Cebu, LoveYourself has made its message of self-worth known in the local communities. Through our dedicated volunteers and amazing medical staff, we provide HIV testing, counseling, and many more in our community centers.

LoveYourself Platinum


LoveYourself offers an ultra-discreet way of getting tested for HIV through Platinum, a monthly premium service for those who want a one-on-one private session with some of our best volunteers. Platinum is held in a different discreet rented space per month, and is only disclosed to participants who have signed up and committed to a donation to the organization.