LGBT… QRSTUVWXYZ: I’m Confused with My Identity

SOGIE and LGBT are language tools that may still continue to evolve, used to better capture the experience of human diversity. Due to its complexity, confusion in understanding sexuality is inevitable.

Victoria Court: Being Victorious Advocates of HIV in the Philippines

From its 24-hour service to its uniquely themed rooms, Victoria Court has definitely gone a long way. They don’t just provide quality service, they have amazing programs that has been paramount in the HIV advocacy.

Connecting People to Information with Blued

Blued has been a proactive supporter of LoveYourself’s campaigns in their efforts to raise awareness about HIV among their users.

Volunteer Spotlight: Robin Marero on Living with Compassion, Finding Purpose, and Forming a Family in the Advocacy

After such great loss, Robin is determined to give back great love to the community that saw him through.

Safe, Satisfying, and Longer Lasting Sex

Everyone longs for something that lasts. May it be for our own personal career growth, romantic relationships or even sex, we always yearn for longevity that can stand the test of time. At the same time, we want to experience also that feeling of elation which pushes us to the point of no return.