Today, we make connections with each other in so many different ways. May it be through our workplace, common interests, or chance encounters, we could all learn something new about ourselves when we meet the right people. Blued is a gay social app that creates a space where people can build relationships. More than a social app, they take responsibility in looking out for their users’ wellness.

LoveYourself and Blued

Blued has been a proactive supporter of LoveYourself’s campaigns in their efforts to raise awareness about HIV among their users.

Blued takes into heart our responsibility to help gay men understand HIV and get tested regularly.

Evan Tan, Country Marketing Manager, Blued

From HIV screening events to fundraising campaigns, they have built a relationship with LoveYourself that has enriched the community’s understanding of HIV through strategic and memorable campaigns.

HIV is not a death sentence. Take the first step, and get tested regularly. You can live your life to the fullest. With proper treatment and self-care, you can reach your full potential and live your best life.

Currently, they continue to rally to end the myths surrounding HIV especially when it comes to living with the virus. For Evan, taking one test can set you on your journey towards self-care.

Blued’s Role in the HIV Advocacy

We try to make conversations surrounding the HIV issue as normal as possible. Outside the Philippines, we are even helping people locate HIV testing facilities closest to them. Blued hopes to build a community of gay men who are educated about HIV and are not afraid to access testing and treatment.

Evan shares how social apps such as Blued play a significant role in promoting self-care. By connecting the correct information and services to the right people, they can bridge the knowledge gap that is present in the community.

As the leading gay social app in the world, Blued has helped This is Me: Brave and Free to reach a total of 1,145 sign-ups – one of the highest in the history of LoveYourself’s HIV screening events.

Beyond HIV

Blued has been empowering Filipino gay men when it comes to sex and sexuality. Recently, the launched a series called BluedTube that has touched on relevant topics such as coming out, bottom-shaming, and harmful gay myths. This year, they will launch the second season of their original web series Ur_Tadhana that aims to dismantle toxic masculinity and homonormativity that still lurks in the gay community.

The evolution of how people connect nowadays has affected how the message of love and self-care is delivered. With plenty of resources brought to an online platform, Blued does its part to link these opportunities to people in search. You can become part of the growing community that Blued has shaped by downloading their app on the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

Text by Carlos Diego A. Rozul