When we were kids, getting to know the world meant that we get to explore the different range of sensations through play. From blowing raspberries and playing peek-a-boo; as we grew older we began to make use of toys to extend our imagination to the real world. We thus expand the limits of our play space to have fun with our playmates. As we mature, our view of fun and play changes and same goes with the toys we fancy. Seeking pleasure, be it cognitive, emotional or sexual, is human nature. Having a sex-positive attitude greatly helps in acknowledging the fact that satisfying our sexual needs is part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Bare Necessities for Safe and Satisfying Sex With Toys

When using adult toys we always aim to pleasure, to satisfy sexual needs be it done with a partner or alone. For those with a partner to play with, we may use them as part of foreplay by a vital part in attaining climax. Some of us can also use them during the main intercourse, which adds another layer of sensation towards safe and satisfying sex. In 2011, a study published in the International Journal of STD & AIDS found that there is room for discussion regarding the role of sex toys in enhancing pleasure and reducing the transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and sexually transmitted infections (STI) especially for self-use.

According to the UK National Aids Manual (NAM), the risk of contracting HIV and STIs varies. UK NAM stresses that sharing sex toys without proper care may pose a high risk for HIV and STI transmission while the use of properly cleaned sex toys poses a negligible threat. When sex toys are shared, use a new condom for for each person who will used it especially the penetrative types. It is important to note however that using the same condom for multiple people is the same as not using a condom at all, thus the risk of transmission can remain high. Using a different condom between use significantly reduces the risk of HIV and STI transmission to negligible levels.

Helping Your Toys Go the Distance

Proper cleaning and caring for the toys is important for prolonging their life as well as for the user’s health especially when they are shared. Sex toys are made of different materials and as such there are different ways.


  • Clean using soap and water for all types of toys.
  • Use water-based lubricants with all types of toys.
  • When toys are shared always use new condoms when using to another person.
  • Always dry the toys before putting it in a ziplock or pouch to safeguard it from dusts.


  • Use oil or petroleum based lubricants.
  • Immerse electric or battery operated toys in water.
  • Use silicone-based lubricants on silicone type of toys.

The table below from SmartSexResource provides us proper care and what lubricant can be used to specific types of toys.

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Text by Brethren