Meet Cyd Rodriguez and JR Hotohot, business partners in the fitness industry and gym fit models who share the same advocacy of spreading HIV awareness. They prove not only that they have the body that dares but a heart that cares. A hunky dynamic couple, Cyd and JR joins LoveYourself’s first-ever multi-site HIV testing day – This is Me: Brave and Free.

Joining the Campaign

Cyd and JR joined the campaign not only to help promote HIV awareness and testing, they wanted to take part in representing diversity within the general community. “This campaign is great way of breaking barriers as it shows diversity amongst all faces in the community. We get to work with all genres, all identities, and we’re all working together as one to promote awareness and HIV testing.”, said Cyd. Both are proud to show who they are and who they love – each other. “It’s a great opportunity to inspire other people to be proud of who they are and what they are. If they have a partner and they are happy with their partner, they should be proud to show the world that they are happy.”, said JR.

Being Brave and Free

This young duo is a regular client of LoveYourself services where they get tested for HIV together. “This is Me: Brave and Free is a way to show that you should be proud, you shouldn’t be afraid. You shouldn’t be afraid and having doubts about HIV, you have to make yourself aware. To know your status.”, as per Cyd. They understand that most of the people in the community is scared to know their status just like they were before. “They shouldn’t be afraid.Coming from the word “brave”, HIV testing is a way of knowing your status and fighting the doubts that you have in mind.”, JR added.

Shouting Out THIS IS ME!

HIV testing and awareness has been  a great positive experience to this couple. “Whether you’re in a monogamous or in an open relationship, as a gay couple like us, it really gives you added security, trust, and strong bond when you do regular HIV testing. Both of you are sexually responsible about HIV testing gives you added security and tighter bond knowing that both of you trust each other and takes care of each other.”, Cyd beams.

Meaning not only do you get knowledge and peace of mind of mind, you can gain a better understanding of your relationship as well “As a couple, you need to persistent in getting yourself tested regularly to know your status. HIV status clears the doubts you have in your mind, and trusting your partner in the process as you are doing it together. Being responsible together really does wonder in a relationship so don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, always get tested. Regular testing makes your relationship happy in the long run.”, said JR while smiling.

The stage is set for you, lovers. Join us at This is Me: Brave and Free – the first community-led multi-stie HIV testing day launching on May 26, 2018. Join in the celebration of self-care by bringing your courage to community based organizations (Juan Positive Movement, HIV & AIDS Support House, Inc, Decent Image of South Signal Association, Cavite Positive Action Group, GAYON, Project H4, Kagay-an PLUS, and Olympus Society of Davao) alongside LoveYourself (LoveYourself Anglo, LoveYourself Uni, and Victoria by LoveYourself). Get to know your status with the fast, free, and confidential community based-screening process.

Go to to sign up and you’ll receive a confirmation notice in a few days!

Text by Jhemarie Arca