One of the core principles of LoveYourself’s Triangle of Self-Care (TSC), emphasizes the importance of Correct and Consistent Condom use. Your sexual health and wellness is a basic right, you should never feel ashamed or worried whenever you buy these essentials. You may be aware of the free condoms provided by the government and specific clinics but these areas might be too far from home. There are time you just wish that these concerns can be answered easily, like a snap of your fingertips.

It’s time you let go of these worries away because you can now have the answer with just a click away – Safe Spaces PH!

What is Safe Spaces PH?

Safe Spaces PH is a growing initiative of LoveYourself Inc. together with partnering establishments and organizations all around the metro. The project aims to provide a series of sex positive places where you can get free condoms and lubes without the worry of being judged.

Safe Spaces in Metro Manila as of August 2018

“The government offers condoms for free not just as contraceptive, but more importantly as a protection against contracting HIV and STIs. We just have to mobilize its distribution to ensure that we really target and reach the right market or people,” LoveYourself Executive Director Ronivin G. Pagtakhan shared.

Safe Spaces PH are everywhere within and outside of Metro Manila with a total of 41 partnering establishments and counting.

These places are distinguished by the logo displayed at the establishment’s entrance.

Getting free condoms and lubes is as easy as 1,2,3: enter, look for the dispenser, and get what you need. No requirement for human interaction, drop by and leave as you please.

Safe Spaces PH is a Click Away

Safe Spaces PH is now a mobile application that you can download via Google Play Store or and App Store. This user friendly app comes with the following features:

  • Shows a detailed map of all the Safe Spaces near you
  • Contact details of the establishment you want to visit
  • Complete schedule of the establishment you want to visit
  • Status of the condom and lubricant supply
  • Comment and rating feature to evaluate your experience and suggestions.

Join the Safe Spaces PH Community

More than the free supply of condom and lube, Safe Spaces PH values the importance of security and safety. If you know an individual, group, or establishment that is interested to join the Safe Spaces PH community, you may email [email protected]

Text by Jhemarie Arca