STATUS: Live and Let Love – An Open Letter from a Person Who Learned What Is to Be True About HIV

If only we think as openly as Kevin Vistan, a community organizer, who wrote an open letter after being educated about the basic facts about HIV and AIDS. Here, he affirms that hate can never drive away hate, but love can.

STATUS – The A to E of Being Positive to a Healthy Lifestyle

The focus of concern here is to strengthen the immune system. It gives the message to do things that boost the immune system and turn away from those that further weaken it. Here are simple ways to a healthier, more positive life

STATUS – Yes, I am Positive

Three months after your last unprotected sexual encounter, you may decide to get tested for HIV as part of your routine. While waiting for the results, you feel anxious and uneasy. When the findings are given, your counselor communicates to you that they come out reactive. While others may feel overwhelmed with emotion, you may feel like time has stopped with a rush of numbness. A lot of questions may rush into your mind, and you may wonder how you would talk to someone about your status.

Let’s TestMNL! – LoveYourself and TestMNL Join Forces Against HIV

Let’s TESTMNL! is LoveYourself and TestMNL’s fast, easy and anonymous HIV testing event held on May 28, 2017 at Victoria Court in Malate, Manila. The whole-day venture, which started at 10:00 AM, catered to a total of 333 clients until its cutoff at 7:00 PM.

STATUS – HIV Myths and Fictions, Debunked!

Facts about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), like what it is and how it is transmitted, are readily available almost everywhere, especially on the internet. Yet there are quite a number of myths around HIV that remain to cloud people’s perceptions about it. These are myths you might have read in a web article or in your social media feed.

STATUS – It Takes Two: Couples and Their Perception Towards HIV

Everyone has talked about a particular status in his or her life, be it their relationship status, their …

STATUS – From Naughty to Nice: A Healthy Resolution

Most people start the year by making New Year’s resolutions. With all the festivities now over and the last bottle in your display cabinet empty, are you now ready to come up with your to-do and not-to-do lists for 2017?