Tuloy PH Launches for Mental Health Awareness Month

MentalHealthPH, LoveYourself, Flourish Circle, and MindGames launch a campaign for mental health awareness month entitled; Tuloy PH: A Community in Symphony.

Lit Love: Feb Fair, Death Traps, Zombie Apocalypse, and my Anxiety

I didn’t know it then, but I have social anxiety. I am not sure how it feels for other people I can only relay how it feels for me. It does feel like I was going crazy because I get upset over conflicting fears.

Volunteer Spotlight: Insights from Flourish Circle

The Flourish Circle, is a community-based initiative designed for people who are experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The program aims to offer an avenue where individuals could feel safe as they go through the process of understanding and resolving their personal struggles. Unlike counseling, the Flourish Circle is peer-led. This means that help is collectively extended by a group of individuals. And with the aid of carefully designed modules per session, it is facilitated by trained Peer Support Specialists. The sessions are started by following a set of mutually agreed upon arrangements that values honesty, openness, and safe boundaries.