A few years back, LoveYourself reached out to open a community center in Cebu. Due to the unforeseen factors, the plan was delayed and went back to the drawing board. Now, after years of colloquy comes the realization of a dream as LoveYourself returned with a stronger mission and a long-term vision. On the day of the batch orientation – 10 November 2018, this set of spirited Cebuanos knows that this is the start of something more than just volunteerism. It was the beginning of a legacy coming into a reality. 

A batch of 18 aspiring volunteers went through ‘HIV Counselor Training’ with the help of our Manila representatives: Kahel Sta. Maria and Danvic Rosadiño, together with LoveYourself’s pioneer Cebu-based counselors. The trainers proudly produced competent counselors and fire up their burning passion for volunteerism.


Amuma, a Cebuano word which means ‘to nurture’ is a perfect reminder for the volunteers that they are not there just to educate or spread awareness, but also as a support system for individuals or families who are struggling with fear and coping due to the stigma.

Our aspiring warriors listening to Danvic Rosadiño discussing HIV Testing (Counselor Training)

LoveYourself emphasizes the higher level of empathy, patience and support. The organization also highlights the consistency of providing a safe space for everyone who want to learn more about the cause and related topics.


Batch Amuma’s logo reflects simplicity and elegance, highlighting two hands that support someone’s heart – indeed a demonstration of utmost care.

Vincent John Ratilla redesigned the original logo created by Jan Shaltiel Vincent Estrada. “I thought I can contribute something so I decided to redesign it… The heart symbolizes love which is essential in caring. I shaped the heart like someone is hugging to symbolize genuine care. The hands carrying the heart means volunteerism,” Vincent John said.

LoveYourself WhiteHouse, which is the organization’s community center in Cebu, will be opened officially on 27 April 2019. For HIV screening schedules and other inquiries, kindly contact: 09985459823 (Jan) or 09989996247 (Vondraye).

Text by Rabsin De la Cruz