LoveYourself celebrates its 9th anniversary this July. Truly, a lot has changed since its inception, with over 1,200 volunteers strong, and seven community centers nationwide. Volunteers are indeed the lifeblood of the organization, with their dedicated service and . The Wandaring Trio asked fellow volunteers on Facebook on what their top reasons why they stay active with LoveYourself. Special guest, Francis Dacanay joined the trio in sharing their sentiments for the organization. All of that while we guess what could be in Miss Wanda’s mystery box tonight.

Having a Sense of Purpose

Being in the HIV advocacy, there is something special when it comes to making positive change in the community without expecting anything back. It’s the heart to help, our altruistic practice that makes us feel connected with our humanity. In some respects, our journey as LoveYourself volunteers has enriched our lives with and undoubted sense of purpose.

Building Connections

With over 1,200 volunteers nationdwide, there is bound to find someone you can connect and relate with. Coming from different backgrounds, there is someone who you can call a friend and/or mentor in our shared values for the HIV advocacy.

Having a Safe Space

LoveYourself doesn’t only build safe spaces for their clients, nor are our safe spaces only for free condoms and lubricants. As a sex positive and affirming organization, LoveYourself volunteers are there for each other, so whether you’re nervous about your first time visiting a center or attending an event, you can trust that you’ll feel the warmth of the community LoveYourself has built.

Learning and Sharing of Knowledge

There is a bounty of different opportunities in LoveYourself. In our volunteer journey of responding to the needs of the community’s sexual health, we get to learn and share our best practices and experience in approaching certain situations. Whether that be in handling clients, decking, designing a campaign, or leading an event, there are over 1,200 fellow volunteers who you can pull from.

Honing my Skills and Talents

As volunteers, we get to discover and develop skills that we don’t get to do when we’re working at our day jobs, or studying in class. By volunteering, we open ourselves to practicing skills and talents we’ve kept tucked away.

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Text by LoveYourself Communications