In a time where we need to maintain physical distance, we can feel a longing to have an intimate date with someone special. While we do our part in flattening the curve, the Wandaring Trio reminisce to the time when we can plan a date and get to know our maybe future partner. What could be in Miss Wanda’s mystery box tonight? What did special guest AJ Barcena do for the naughty challenge? Find out below!

Top 5: Weekend Market

Amid a busy work week, sometimes weekends are the only times when we can spend some quality time with a person that has peeked our interest. With the variety of food and drink options available, you won’t have a problem with choosing a particular kind of cuisine! You can have fun look at the different stalls and get to know them through their relationship with different food – and maybe snag a relationship with them after! Though seating can be hard to find.

Top 4: Museum

Ever since the National Museum opened free entrance to its collections of art, natural history, and anthropology, museum dates have been grown quite popular. There’s something enamoring whenever a person can talk with such passion and insight about the things they see in front of them. May it be a portrait, a fossil, or an artifact, it’s always interesting to see how your date takes things in, and form opinions.

Top 3: Coffee Shop

When you’re unsure about a guy, a quick meet up at a coffee shop can be a good start for a first date. When the two of you finish your drink, and feel a little off by your date, you can easily get out of it, or if you find yourselves enjoying, you can move onto other activities. Coffee, tea? Or maybe they’ll choose me!

Top 2: At Home!

If you’re living alone, and your date is nearby, why not ask him over and talk? Inviting someone over can be a good option when you want to be in control of a situation, or are a little conscious about going out for a date. If you’re comfortable, you can certainly make them feel comfortable in creative ways! Maybe you can even impress them with your cooking. After all, a way to a person’s heart can be through their stomach!

Top 1: Theater/Cinema

Now that we’re spending more time in our homes, we spend a lot of time streaming content with our various subscriptions. Though convenient, there’s something about going to the theater or cinema to catch a showing of the latest offerings of the creative minds of the world. When both of you share the anticipation to watch the show, you’ve definitely caught a good one there. 

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