Our Wandaring Trio turned the kink meter three notches up as Mikoy, Makoy, and Miss Wanda talked about the love for love toys! We know our favorite teasing triad are more than game with just about anything, and game they indeed were in asking and exploring questions and tips on how to purchase and maximize different sexual gadgets and other pleasure props to seduce and spice up the sex with a partner, or even just to satisfy one’s sensual urge. Joining in on the fun is Lauvette co-founder Manuel Schuster and a revealing the most common or favorite types of love toys in an erotic and educational show-and-tell.

Item 1: Fleshlights and Masturbators

Every master, er, batur must have a handy tool to help “spank the monkey”, in case the hands have simply gone boring and the monkey wants more. Compact designs can be easily packed for travel, but if you’re willing to go with something that’s a little bulky, you surely wouldn’t mind one that even moans in pleasure in every slide, do you? 

Item 2: Vibrators

If Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch spoke to you in a certain way, the sweet sensation of that good vibration is what you’re after. Thankfully, Manuel and Lauvette understand and willfully deliver (literally, within 5 business days) your preferred vibrator. From veiny and life-like, to durable and waterproof, the choice for a shaking shaft is yours to make.

Item 3: Prostate Massager

These toys just put the “pro” in prostate glands, as in that part built-in for maximum male pleasure, with the right stimulation, of course. If you’re yet to explore the sensation (not to mention the health benefits) of massaging the prostate, this one is what you should definitely add to cart.

Item 4: Anal Toys

Anal toys take sex to a hole whole other level of a pleasurable and satisfying experience, and that is why they come in different shapes and forms, and have transformed in looks over time. Plain butt plugs now come in sexy fox and bunny tails, while anal beads now look like curvy hearts and smoother balls. They even come in bling or remote control-operated, for easier use.

Item 5:Clit and Vaginal Toys

Loving her means finding ways to give her more satisfaction where it matters. Clit massagers and eggs would definitely help you get “there.” With shapes and concentrated vibrations designed to fit the lady parts, every lover surely won’t go wrong with using these toys. Forget remote controls–this one even operates with the help of a mobile app!

This playfully refreshing discussion surely hits the spot when it comes to promoting sex positivity and sexual health. If you missed it, watch the video above and catch what Miss Wanda kept in her mystery box, what other “sneak peek” Manuel gave, and more! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss an episode of Just Wandaring live every Friday at 8 pm!

Text by Ulysses Konstantin Largado