When we meet a potential partner, there’s something about them that allures us. We may not notice it at first, but there’s definitely something different about that special someone. The Wandaring Trio asked its viewers on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter on what their top 5 turn ons were when it comes to their partner. What could be in Miss Wanda’s mystery box tonight? What did cutiepie Jhospeh Llorente do for the naughty challenge? Find out below!

Top 5: Great Smile

There’s nothing really more inviting than a friendly smile – especially when the reason behind that smile is you! Whether they’re smiling from ear to ear or trying to hide their teeth, a genuine smile goes a long way, and you’ll be going out of your way not just to see that wonderful smile on their face, but to make them happy – forever hopefully – as well.

Top 4: Kind and Compassionate

How a person treats other people is an important measure of character in a potential partner. When someone is genuine, supportive, and empathic, you know you’re in good hands. It’s a good sign that the both of you can be there for each other, and won’t put the other down.

Top 3: Smart/Intelligent

When meeting a potential partner, a part of us grows as the relationship develops. Part of it is the sharing of knowledge, leading you to a world you haven’t thought much about before. With every word they lay down, you feel so enamored by the wonder of something new.

Top 2: Good Sense of Humor/Funny

There’s nothing like a stick in the mud that kills a mood when you’re trying to have fun with a potential partner. When your partner has a good sense of humor, you just know that you’ll be having a blast whenever you’re together. From quick wit, corny dad jokes, to charismatic deliveries, there’s a bunch of different ways a person can be funny, It’ll depend on how you respond to it.

Top 1: Deep Conversation

A good conversationalist takes the number one spot for our viewers’ greatest turn ons in a potential partner. For those who don’t wear their heart on their sleeve, it makes such an impact when someone can penetrate through our walls with the art of conversation. When someone is able to be a beacon of comfort amid vulnerability, there’s nothing more you can ask for. You’re in it for the long run.

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