LitLove: Anniversary

By Asha

Sometime before I wake up I dream
Of listening and talking to someone who cares

Wishing for a home of understanding
Amidst the hustling of my timely world
Finding a hand to hold on

Luck seems to listen to the song
As it led me to this path of people

With the same vision of giving back
and upholding others,
While Loving yourself, the truest melod

By Raybert

One day, I’m lost in the wilderness of the unforgiving world.
Wandering on this jungle, I found myself running towards the forest of compassion.
On its dense woodland, I found myself dipping in a lake with passionate people.
And on that same night, I got a pack who taught me to live my life by rippling love.

By Diego

Uknowlingly I entered
Almost four years ago
A place where I learned
How to let myself go
Let myself be me
Without needing to be the best
Ultimately, it let me see
That in service I find rest
My time is well spent
With varied people
And if there’s time I could have lent
I’m glad it’s here, even if it’s little
Discovering purpose
Finding light
While riding the night bus
Or writing for the website
I know there’s more in store
We’re only just beginning
Truly, I don’t mind. My body sore
Because at every step, we’re winning

By Vinn

remember that genuine pride
comes not from ego but from
sharing your light with the world
pursue your passions
love with an open heart
admit your mistakes with grace
find the power in humility
spill kindness onto the world
don’t let forgiveness be a stranger
know that you are loved unconditionally
and never, ever dim your light so that others would shine brighter
instead share your light and magnanimity.