Pinoy PLHIV Youth Chronicles – Journey to Self-Worth

We have chronicled the lives of two young PLHIVs to have a better and clearer picture on the struggles they face upon learning of their HIV status, their friends and family’s reaction to it and the effects of treatment in their young lives. For their protection, especially on their HIV status and identity, we have changed the interviewees’ name.

Flourish Circle Sprouts a Growing Initiative

LoveYourself joins the movement towards responding to the mental health needs of Filipinos with Flourish Circle.

Transitioning and the Call to Love

If you search for “transition” on Google, it actually gives a specific definition for gender transition: to “adopt permanently the outward or physical characteristics of the gender one identifies with, as opposed to those associated with one’s birth sex.” It’s an incomplete definition, of course: it’s not just outward characteristics that change. Neither are they always the most important changes which that assume such changes happen at all: being transgender doesn’t always mean having extreme discomfort with the body you’re born with, as we’ll talk about later. But transitioning, in whatever form it takes, does mean a change that radically alters an individual. Many transgender people, very appropriately, refer to this as a “journey”.