Volunteer Spotlight: Robin Marero on Living with Compassion, Finding Purpose, and Forming a Family in the Advocacy

After such great loss, Robin is determined to give back great love to the community that saw him through.

Volunteer Spotlight: A New Queen on the Rise

Nicole bagged First Runner-Up at the end of the night — a feat Nicole herself considers a satisfying end to the journey of a 26-year old BPO employee who, only months ago, had one previous office pageant and a noontime show transgender queen search on her kontesera (pageant veteran) résumé.

Volunteer Spotlight: Jemuel Titan, LoveYourself’s Precious “Jem”

Jemuel Titan, more popularly known as “Jamie Well Titan,” or just simply “Jem,” has been consistently counseling for more than a year as a volunteer at LoveYourself. His dedication to guiding others in finding out their HIV status has made him one of the top counselors of LoveYourself Anglo, having helped over three hundred clients.