Go No! For Gonorrhea

Ever had that burning sensation when you pee? Has there been odd smelling discharge staining your underwear recently? That could be a sign of gonorrhea, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections according to the World Health Organization in 2016. But worry not, because there are ways to prevent, detect, and cure gonorrhea infections, so we can all Go No! For Gonorrhea.

Triangle of Self Care: Tales of Timely Testing and Treatment

LoveYourself created a healthy sexual lifestyle guide called the “Triangle of Self-Care” or TSC. It’s comprised of three easy steps: (1) Timely testing and treatment, (2) Safe and satisfying sex, and (3) Correct and consistent use of condoms. It’s simple, effective, and will take you a long way in your sexual conquest.

Undetectable Equals Untransmittable: The Battle Against HIV

The effectiveness of ART in lowering the viral load benefits not only the PLHIV undergoing treatment, but also other people who are at risk of HIV infection through sexual contact and mother to child transmission. It is the basis of the Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U) campaign, a significant shift in approach on how we deal with HIV. As crucial as it is to drive prevention, it is only half of the battle. As any battle would require, the soldier aka the person fighting for one’s own welfare, should be mindful of the discipline, adherence, and an overall improvement of lifestyle.

How do I make Timely Testing Work for the New Year?

With the number of HIV cases continuing to rise in the country, why not take care of yourself by making make timely testing as part of your new year’s resolutions? There are lots of options as to how you can get yourself tested, each with its advantages.