How do I make Timely Testing Work for the New Year?

With the number of HIV cases continuing to rise in the country, why not take care of yourself by making make timely testing as part of your new year’s resolutions? There are lots of options as to how you can get yourself tested, each with its advantages.

STATUS – The A to E of Being Positive to a Healthy Lifestyle

The focus of concern here is to strengthen the immune system. It gives the message to do things that boost the immune system and turn away from those that further weaken it. Here are simple ways to a healthier, more positive life

Triangle of Self-Care: Condom Use | The Key to Effectivity is Correctness and Consistency

The basics of HIV Transmission (ESSE) states that if one of the four conditions (exit, survive, sufficiency, entry) is not satisfied, no transmission will occur. Insofar as going against these conditions is concerned, the use of condoms provides us with a very reliable line of protection to prevent HIV transmission by blocking the entry of the virus.

Triangle of Self-Care: The Game of Safe and Satisfying Sex

When we realize our nature as sexual beings, we begin to play with trust, pleasure, and health. In the game of safe and satisfying sex, the choice is ours to pick what card to draw.

Triangle of Self-Care: Understanding the Window Period

A common question regarding HIV testing is: “When should I go for one?” Some say HIV testing should be done regularly, at least once a year. Others say it has to be twice a year, and there are those who say it should be done quarterly. None of them are wrong, but none of the statements are entirely correct either. This is because the correct time a person has to undergo HIV testing depends on his/her actions and behaviors. But for us to understand the relevant factors to determine the correct timing, we have to learn and understand the concept of the window period.

Triangle of Self-Care: The “ESSE”ntials of HIV Transmission

There are many ways to keep ourselves from forgetting simple but essential things. For instance, we use an alarm clock to help us wake up early and be on time for work; we use a bookmark to remind us where we are on a book we’re reading; we bring a grocery list to make our visit to the marketplace quick and easy – the list goes on. Well, this checklist we’re about to share with you may sound new, but it may help answer some of your questions about the essential conditions or factors regarding HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection.