LoveYourself commits itself to normalize the conversation surrounding sex, HIV testing, and living with HIV. Through its many campaigns, it has empowered thousands of people to take charge of their sexual health and rethink how they view sex. One brand in 2019 is following suit in destigmatizing sex in the Philippines.

Lauvette may be the newest love toy shop in the market, but with its active and game-changing branding, it is now the fastest-growing and the leading Philippine love toy shop on social media. On September 6, 2019, Lauvette released the first-ever love toy commercial in the country. Now being aired in Metro Manila Grab Cars and taxis via Transitflix and also in all LoveYourself community centers.

When asked why they decided to produce the commercial, Renz Rollorata, co-founder of Lauvette said, “It’s about time to extend our marketing efforts into producing our very first commercial. This is our bold step in showing that we are in a mission of eliminating the stigma surrounding the sex toy industry. Love toys should not be hidden and shamed, they can be freely showcased in a normal yet enjoyable manner, just like any other consumer goods.” 

Lauvette is doing its share in contributing to expanding the sexual maturity of the Filipino people. With commercials like this, we don’t only give attention to sexual health, but we also emphasize the importance of self-love and self-care.

Manuel Schuster, co-founder of Lauvete, expressed his excitement for what’s in store in the future. “Launching the first-ever love toy commercial in the Philippines is a great milestone for Lauvette. We launched our online shop just four months ago and I am so amazed at the progress our team is making. I am just very excited for what’s ahead,” Schuster said. 

It’s interesting to follow how this brand will continue to grow in the coming years and how it will shape Filipinos’ attitude towards sex. But hopefully, with the existence of self-aware and socially involved love toy shop like Lauvette leading the way, normalizing sex in the country may not be too far off.

Watch the video of Lauvette’s commercial here: