Dealing With Our Closets

The closet presented itself different to everyone in the group. One can only ponder how many other ways people have dealt with it. Coming out is never a requirement, and is not the epitome of being gay it’s just one of the many paths you can take to live the life you want. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter if you’re in or out of the closet, or maybe somewhere in between what matters the most is that you accept and love yourself.

Love Beyond the Status

In this month of love, what can signify as the true essence of love is a relationship that is caring and accepting regardless of HIV status.

Valentines in a Safe Space

Change up your Valentine’s Day while feeling safe and secure with these hot spots in Metro Manila. Blocleaf Cafe, Butterfly Bar Manila, and Altermale are just some establishments that have joined in the Safe Spaces PH Project Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to take your significant other, are in the search for that special someone, or just want to treat yourself to a good time, try out these Safe Spaces.

Batch Meraki, LoveYourself’s 21st Batch of Volunteers, Steps Up in the Battle Against HIV

On October 6, 2018, 50 promising individuals completed Batch Meraki, LoveYourself’s 21st batch of volunteers. Held at the People’s Hall of SM Aura Premier, the orientation, led by HIV Counselor Bryan Galvez, welcomed the new volunteers as they embark on a new role as advocates of HIV and AIDS awareness.

LOOKING BACK 2019: LoveYourself Campaigns, A Year-Ender Special (Part 2 of 3)

LoveYourself in 2019 has been ever present on almost all media platforms, name it – social media, radio, television, out-of-home and even podcasts. The dedication of the volunteers to spread awareness on our shared causes is truly remarkable. When it comes to the HIV advocacy, it takes creativity and ingenuity to break away from the social stigma surrounding sex and its related topics. Let’s take a look back at how volunteers and staff have spread LoveYourself’s message of nurturing one’s self-worth.