LoveYourself services are officially offered through an appointment basis starting June 2020 through in alignment with the General Community Quarantine implemented in Metro Manila. This change was brought about  for LoveYourself to continue its service to the community while still enabling physical distancing protocols.

One of the key services LoveYoursef that has adapted the appointment basis is transgender health. From initial consultation, to pre-gender affirming surgery counseling and hormone replacement therapy sessions, Victoria by LoveYourself is steadfast in providing access to safe biomedical transitioning amid the pandemic. Currently, services are carried out through a combination of telemedicine and in-person scheduled consultations.

Staff from Victoria by LoveYourself will reach out to clients who booked a schedule for their services with a phone call on their appointment date and time to confirm their request for doctor’s consultation as well as the mode of online consultation (e.g. via Facebook Messenger, Viber, Zoom, etc.) to be used. A trans health doctor from Victoria by LoveYourself will get in touch with the client through their preferred mode for the online consultation. Rest assured, all information disclosed with the trans health doctor via Booking are kept confidential and all data received are kept private and secured.
Truly, LoveYourself’s unwavering commitment to provide access to sexual and trans health services shines through innovations such as Booking. Dedicated in its advocacy work, LoveYourself through its community centers aim to create safe places for its clients and volunteers, not only from COVID-19, but in its culture as well.