These hunky gents are putting their brains and brawn to good use. Our Let’s TESTMNL! ambassadors are posing not just to heat up summer; they’re out to make a statement, too. For our upcoming HIV testing day event, we’ve enlisted the help of five sexy and sensible men to  tell you why you need to get tested, stat. Get to know them a little more, too, as they share a few tidbits about themselves.

And don’t forget to join us for Let’s TESTMNL! on May 28, Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Victoria Court Malate. It’s LoveYourself and TestMNL’s fast, easy, and anonymous HIV screening event. To register, just visit

Rian Eli

Rian, an HR officer for the United Nations, is on the right path. With his chosen career, he finds fulfillment in serving his fellow employees and the organization. And with his role in Let’s TESTMNL!, he’s able to serve more people. “I believe in the vision of LoveYourself, and I’m also aware of the HIV crisis in the Philippines,” he tells us. “I really feel good because I believe in this cause and its efforts. I know I’ll be proud to be part of this. At the same time, I’ll be able to help others.”

Jed Garcia

Jed, a key account specialist for a pharmaceutical company, loves food and travel. This hard worker can frequently be seen getting things done at the office and pumping iron at the gym. Talking about HIV, he tells us, “I think it’s about time that we become very vigilant… We need to take it seriously, to reach out and help out those who don’t have an idea about it and those who are suffering from it already.” He adds, “Just know your status because it’s better to be aware than be too late.”

Gibran Karl Alonzo

Gibran is a man of many passions – animals and HIV advocacy included. This doctor of veterinary medicine has not only treated poor animals, he has also trained sharks and stingrays and performed as a merman in the past! When asked about his participation as an ambassador, he shares, “I didn’t think twice about joining the campaign because I’m aware of the rising rates of HIV infection. This is my way to reach out to those who are afraid to get tested.” Gibran gets tested regularly himself, and he says doing so has encouraged his friends to do the same. “I’m not afraid. I would like to know whether I’m safe or not.”

Gab Carreon

Associate software engineer and licensed electronics engineer Gab enjoys working out and hanging out with his friends. He says he’s the type who’s always doing something. Talking about his decision to join the campaign, he explains, “I feel very flattered. I really wanted to be part of an HIV awareness campaign. Someone asked me to join this, and I said, ‘Yes, I’d love to be a part of it,’ especially because I want to promote HIV awareness to the millennials and the youth who are most affected. I want to let younger people know that it’s okay to get tested.”

John Cruz

John is back in the country after working for five years at an events and advertising company in Dubai. He’s getting settled in just fine by catching up with his friends and enjoying the outdoors. “HIV is no joke. I’m a nurse as well, so I know what you should and shouldn’t do in regards to HIV.” When asked about how he feels being a Let’s TESTMNL! ambassador, John confesses, “I’m overwhelmed actually. In my world–I’m proud to be gay–there are those uneducated about how HIV is acquired. And it’s time for people to know the value of getting tested.” John has made it a habit to get tested regularly, and he believes it’s important for younger people to be educated about HIV early on, so they can prevent HIV infection and practice protection.

Take your cue from these guys and get yourself tested at Lest’s TESTMNL! Don’t forget to register at See you there!

Text by Jean Natividad