The hottest nurses from all over the Philippines gather together for National HIV Testing Day themed Hot Nurses of Pinas on June 15, 2019 from 11:00am to 7:00pm. LoveYourself has partnered with more than eleven (11) Community Based Organizations (CBOs) nationwide for you to experience private, secure, and accurate HIV testing in a fraction of the time and have a chance to get pricked with some of the Hot Nurses in the country.

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Hot Nurses of Pinas marks the seventh community-led multi-site HIV testing event held by LoveYourself, beginning with Incognito in May 2016. These events are the organization’s efforts to make HIV screening easier and more accessible to more people, especially now that LoveYourself has partnered with other CBO’s in the nation.  This initiative is one of LoveYourself’s many efforts to halt the growing number of HIV cases in the country by promoting timely HIV testing as a regular part of one’s self-care routine.The process is patterned after similar successful screenings in Thailand (Suck, Fuck, Test) and the United States.

This National HIV Screening Day is perfect for people on the go!  In just 15 to 20 minutes, rapid screening shortens the processing time compared to regular testing but assures 100% accuracy for nonreactive results!. These rapid test kits can even detect HIV 1 and 2 antibodies with only  a few drops of blood.

What exactly should you expect to happen during a rapid screening setup at Hot Nurses of Pinas? First, you register at the counter asking for a few details like your birthday and contact number. A unique identifier code (UIC) based on the given information and client number shall be generated upon successful registration together with a checklist to be signed per station to guide you throughout the process.

After registering, you proceed to the laboratory section for blood extraction. No worries here as only a pinprick using a sterilized lancet is enough to be used as a sample. Compared to the regular screening where a bigger needle is used and a bottle full of blood is extracted, in rapid screening set-up, the needle to be used is much smaller and only a drop of blood is needed to run the test.  Afraid it’ll hurt? Well don’t fret as our Hot Nurses will be gentle with you in getting a sample of your blood. Once the sample is dropped onto the kit, a reagent is added to activate it. Results will then be read within 15 to 20 minutes.

While waiting for the results, our tireless volunteers will facilitate an engaging discussion about the screening process, basics of HIV transmission, and sexual health management. After which, a trained change agent or counselor shall conduct risk assessment prior to the release of result. This private individual session with a counselor is the best time to raise questions and concerns related to HIV.

When results are ready, your counselor or life coach will then explain to you whether you are reactive or nonreactive. When you test nonreactive, your counselor will emphasize how you can have safer and satisfying sex with your current sexual practices, and you can be on your way home! It is important to note that this process does not give you a printed copy of your results for anonymity and confidentiality purposes. If you prefer or need a physical copy then you can visit LoveYourself Uni or Anglo on another day after the HIV Testing Event to avail of the standard testing process during regular clinic operations.

When results are reactive, your counselor assure you that you won’t have to go through this alone. With our Life Coaches on hand they will guide you through the treatment process including the requirements needed prior to enrollment to a treatment center as well as health management for newly diagnosed Persons Living with HIV. It is essential to get yourself treated immediately from a treatment center of your convenience to protect you from possible infections.

All discussions with our counselors and life coaches, especially the results, will be kept confidential. So what are you waiting for, register now at to get tested, know your status and break the stigma.\

To learn more about rapid screening assay testing kits and its accuracy, click on this link.

Text by Ronald C. Bugarin