Correct and Consistent Use of Condoms and Lubes is one of the essential elements of LoveYourself’s signature Triangle of Self Care. The appropriate choice and use of lubricants or lubes play a significant role in HIV prevention and more! A little drop here, a few more drops there can totally amplify your sex life. A tube of this affordable and practical jelly wonder can transform the game and elevate your sensual and passionate lovemaking to a whole new level. Its versatility can only be matched by your kinkiness and creativity during the intimate moments, positions, and roles in bed. Just as there are different ways to use lube, there are also different kinds of lube to choose from, but some kinds might not be so appropriate or effective for certain sexual activities.

How Lube Can Amp Up Sex

Contrary to popular belief, lube can also be used in a bunch of different ways in sex, not just vaginal or anal penetration. Before choosing which lube is perfect for you, it’s good to think about what sexual activities you’re going to do.

You can use it for steamy foreplay or a sexy massage to warm up with your partner before the main event. A few squirts of lube on your palms or your partner’s erogenous zones, paired up with electrifying caresses can totally heat up the game.

When the partner is away, the lube comes out to play! Lube can be your next MVP when it comes to masturbation. The skin around the penis is thin and sensitive, and friction between your hand and your precious joystick from all the stroking can cause burns — ouch! Using lube can make playing more comfortable, and last longer (maybe even help you beat your high score *wink wink*).

If you think condoms ruin sex, then you might have not discovered lube yet. A few drops of lube inside and outside the condom can unlock a whole new level of sensation. Yup, condoms come lubricated, but additional lube can up the sensitivity. Nothing gets sexier than safe and pleasurable sex! Keep in mind that condoms tend to be brittle when they come in contact with certain materials, such as oil. Which means that oil-based lube is a no-no for this one.

Slide in the backdoor easier with lube. Since there’s not enough moisture in there, lube makes a great teammate for anal sex. Additional lubrication will also help avoid injury and tears during play, but can still keep all the action and sensation that you enjoy.

No Lube? Get Lube!

What do you do when you’re in the moment, so excited, and suddenly realized that you’re all out of your favorite lube? You reach out for whatever you have around the house. Depending on how intimate you’re going to be, know how these common household items can impact how you have safer sex.

Coconut/Olive/Almond Oil Anything with oil (including oil-based lube) isn’t good for condoms because they can make condoms brittle and break. Even though they smell good and slide smoothly, they can totally strip off your protection, so it’s better to stay away from them.

Baby Oil Massage? Sure. Sex? Definitely NO. It’s also an oil-based item, so it will surely ruin condoms, too. If you read the label on the bottle, it states that it’s for external use only, and there’s a reason behind that.

Petroleum Jelly This is often used to moisturize and soften dry skin. People tend to use it as improvised lube because it doesn’t get sticky or dry out, which makes it one of the popular go-to options. Since it lasts quite long, it can begin inviting bacteria into your body and cause imbalances in the body chemistry. It’s also not good for your condoms because the oil can weaken the latex material.

Body Lotion Most body lotions contain fragrances and chemicals that can be too harsh for delicate body parts, and might lead to irritation.

Whipped Cream Whipped cream during sex can sound sexy and kinky, but it can lead to a sticky situation. All the sugar inside it can throw off the anus’ natural environment — and might even cause irritation or infection.

Spit We’re not surprised by this one. It’s fairly common for people to use spit as lube when they don’t have any. Although it can get the (hand) job done, it’s not enough for anal sex. The backdoor doesn’t produce lubrication, so you’ll need something more slippery than just spit. 

When dealing with sexual activities and your precious parts, it’s best to be careful with the products and items you use. There may be a lot of ingredients to watch out for, but it’s really not that hard to find something safe that can also let you gain massive pleasure!

The Ease of Water-Based Lube

Water-based lube is the most versatile player out of all the lube, and can play well in almost any sexual activity you can think of. Whether you use it for masturbation, foreplay, anal sex, or with sex toys, they’re great to use because water-based lube such as EZ Lubricating Jelly is made with safe ingredients — good to use for people with sensitive skin!

It’s also easy to spot water-based lube like EZ Lubricating Jelly because they can easily be found in leading drugstores and convenience stores. Grab yourself some water-based lube now, and let EZ Lubricating Jelly amp up the game because with EZ Lubricating Jelly, everybody can slide into more pleasure.

Text by LoveYourself Communications