Just Wandaring is now officially part of the LoveYourselfTV family just in time for Pride Month! On its first ever showing on YouTube, the Wandaring trio, Mikoy, Macoy, and Wanda, discuss the top five Beki (Filipino LGBT) Words with special guest BJ Pascual while viewers guess what’s inside Ms. Wanda’s mystery box.

Top 5: MAMSH / Mamshie / Mamsht! and its many variations

A term of endearment for a motherly figure in your life or the most respected in your friend group. They are usually the leader types who can be tough and gentle at the same time while providing support. Ex. Mamsh, anong gagawin ko? (Mamsh, what will I do?)

Top 4: EME / Emelyn / Ems! and its many variations

Originating from the root word kyeme, a word that changes meaning depending on context, the word eme is a shortened version. It is usually used to replace some words that you can’t recall the word for. Ex. Uy guys, e-eme lang ako ha. pabantay naman ng eme ko. (Hey guys, I will just eme, can you look after my eme.)

Top 3: GHORL / Ghuuurl / Ghurl! and its many variations

Ghorl is used as a term of endearment for your friend who you see eye to eye with. It can relay different meanings and emotions based on tone, duration and pitch. Ex. Gurl may chika ako! (Gurl, I have tea to spill.)

Top 2: KERI / Keribells / Keriboom and its many variations

Keri is usually used as a replacement for “okay”. In some contexts, it can be used to ask if someone can still go on. Expanding on keri, people can add flair to their response when they’re confident with keribells, or show enthusiasm with keriboom Ex. Keri pa ba? (Can you still do it?)

Top 1: CHAR / Charot / Charice and its many variations

Char originated from an older Swardspeak (more commonly known now as Beki languageCharing along with Echos in the 1970s to the 1990s. It’s an expression used when you’re joking, or when your statement isn’t to be taken seriously. Ex. Di na ako babalik, char! (I’m not coming back, char!)

Curious about what the dapper BJ Pascual revealed in his Wild Confessions? Did you guess what’s inside Ms. Wanda’s mystery box? Watch the video above, and don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss an episode of Just Wandaring!

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