Just Wandaring is looking back with #FlashbackFriday as viewers revealed their top five childhood celebrity crushes. This time around, the Wandaring Trio, Mikoy, Macoy, and Wanda share how innocent little crushes have made an impact in their lives, especially in exploring and discovering their sexual orientation. Special Guest Paolo Amores also dives into the discussion with his Wild Confessions while viewers guess what’s inside Ms. Wanda’s mystery box.

Top 5: Jay Manalo

Starting as an action movie actor, Jay Manalo made a switch to starring in sexy films such as Gayuma with Amanda Page. Macoy describes his appeal as your typical Pinoy charm with his masculine presence and fit body. Mikoy on the other hand shares how Jay Manalo represented a “daddy” type of appeal when he first saw the actor in high school which wasn’t very popular back then.

Top 4: Christian Vasquez

Former Celebrity Pinoy Big Brother housemate Christian Vasquez places fourth in our list of childhood celebrity crushes. Mikoy fondly remembers Vasquez’s performance in the Filipino camp movie Manay Po, admiring him for his comedic styles and acting. However Ms. Wanda adores his height and lean body most of all. 

Top 3: Wendell Ramos

Kapuso actor Wendell Ramos is well known for his comedic roles in the show Bubble Gang and modelling stint for the clothing line Bench. Mikoy recalls Ramos’ shower scene in the Filipino horror film Sukob. When Ramos was taken by the sukob in the movie, Mikoy had mixed feelings whether he was scared or aroused at the time. 

Top 2:Brent Javier

The youngest in the top five list, Brent Javier breaks into the number two spot. As a ramp and commercial model, Macoy recalls his lean body and Pinoy college student appeal. Ms. Wanda also wondered if Brent Javier was also an underwear model as she recalls seeing him in a boxer shorts brochure 

Top 1:Diether Ocampo

Kapamilya actor turned Lieutenant Commander, Diether Ocampo takes the top spot in our viewer’s top childhood celebrity crush. Macoy remembers Ocampo as the leader The Hunks admiring him the most for his muscular body on ABS-CBN’s ASAP. Ms. Wanda shares how Ocampo’s roles in movies always involved him being fought over, or having come from an affluent family. Mikoy however fondly remembers Ocampo on the television show Rubi Ocampo truly looked his best.

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