LoveYourself welcomes a new batch of brave volunteers collectively known as Batch Bigkis, the second group to be enlisted by the free HIV testing advocacy this year.

The batch name comes from the Filipino word bigkis which means “to gather,” and signifies the coming together of volunteers from different walks of life.

Batch Bigkis volunteers will receive training to become counselors in LoveYourself’s two HIVtesting clinics, the LoveYourself Hub (RITM Satellite Clinic) in Malate, Manila City and LoveYourself Anglo along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

They will also join the organization in helping spread awareness for HIV testing in the Philippines and champion positive change in their respective communities.

Smaller But Stronger

Batch Bigkis underwent the same stringent recruitment process as previous batches of LoveYourself, which has formally inducted more than 500 volunteers to-date.

But compared to more recent batches, Batch Bigkis was formed with a smaller number of volunteers in mind.

LoveYourself’s recruitment team explained that a smaller group could gel better than if it were a larger one. He says that based on previous batch experiences, a more tightly knit group was likely to foster more engaged and committed volunteers in the long run.

Strength In Unity

The Batch Bigkis logo was inspired by the images of linked arms, which signify strength in unity, and the sepak takraw ball which is a solid structure made from several intersecting bands.

“The sepak takraw is always reminiscent of our childhood and our being Filipinos. And just like in sports, we are reminded to come together for a specific goal. The intertwining rattan strips are the LoveYourself volunteers working together. The representation of the hands all the more reinforces unity and fraternity,” said Geno, LoveYourself creatives lead and creator of the Batch Bigkis logo.

“The logo also continues our appreciation for Filipino weaves. This time, we’re featuring the Yakan weave from Zamboanga City. Known for its geometric patterns and colorful threads, the Yakan weave is truly unique and worthy of recognition,” he added.

Earlier this year, LoveYourself welcomed Batch Hiraya, the first new group of volunteers to join the advocacy in 2015, whose batch logo also featured a Filipino weave. Dozens from Batch Hiraya have already undergone training to become HIV counselors.

Call For Volunteers
If you are interested in helping LoveYourself as a formal volunteer and join its future batches, kindly fill up the form at