An Open Letter to Trans Women, From Mela Habijan

This Women’s Month, and as we approach the International Transgender Day of Visibility, Mela inspires everyone once again with a message.

Applying Telemedicine to Trans Health

LoveYourself services are officially offered through an appointment basis starting June 2020 through in alignment with the …

Usapang ATBPride: Bisexuals, Pansexuals, and the Transgender Community

Episode 3, “Love EveryJUAN, Love Everyone” centered on breaking stereotypes on bisexuals and pansexuals by acknowledging their similarities, and telling apart the differences: mainly that pansexuals are attracted to all genders, whereas bisexuals are drawn to the same gender as themselves, as well as the opposite gender. They also tackled the issue on the dangers of bisexual erasure and how dangerous it is that it happens even within the LGBTQIA+ community, and how the simple virtue of respect and a strong sense of self-identity can help eliminate this alienating concept.

Babae Ako: Empowering Femininity

Eda Catabas and Jesse Castelo are some of the newest Trans Health Officers of LoveYourself Inc. As trans women themselves, they feel right at home in their new role. Together with their teammates, they are partnering up with Decent Image of South Signal Association (DIOSSA) for an event to celebrate Women’s Month.

Volunteer Spotlight: A New Queen on the Rise

Nicole bagged First Runner-Up at the end of the night — a feat Nicole herself considers a satisfying end to the journey of a 26-year old BPO employee who, only months ago, had one previous office pageant and a noontime show transgender queen search on her kontesera (pageant veteran) résumé.

Volunteer Spotlight: Yanyan Araña and Bubbles Rosos, “I Am A Woman”

If you happen to be part of the LGBT community and an advocate of diversity and inclusion, you definitely have an idea of one of the spectrums of the rainbow, the transgender people.

LoveYourself Launches The Philippines’ First Transgender Health Clinic and Testing Center

LoveYourself further diversifies its services with the establishment of Victoria Health and Wellness Center (VHWC), a clinic with services focused on the needs of transgender persons. Together with LoveYourself’s partner, the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM), VHWC will provide a gender-sensitive, holistic, and inclusive set of key health and wellness services to transgenders through its health clinic and counselling center.