“Transwomen are fearless!” exclaims Mela Habijan in a November 3, 2020 tweet promoting and celebrating her inclusion in the #TEDWomen2020 roster, speaking at a virtual broadcast to share her insights and experiences as a Trans Pinay to audiences in Nepal.

Since snagging the Miss Trans Global crown in September, Mela took on the task of educating and inspiring people about transgender visibility, transgender rights, and SOGIE equality no matter the space or venue (virtual has recently become the obvious way to go, after all) and she has shown no signs of stopping.

“I hope we’ll be able to see that the real issue is denial — trans women aren’t acknowledged, trans women are excluded, trans women are being looked down.” she shares in another tweet. This sentiment rings true up to this day, but Mela remains eager to forge on, hopeful that with an open mind, a loving heart, and an outlook governed by respect and regard, it is not impossible to emerge victorious in this fight against inequality.

This Women’s Month, and as we approach the International Transgender Day of Visibility, Mela inspires everyone once again with the following message:

Dear Trans Woman,

Some people have been looking at us differently because we are trans.
They make fun of us, they ridicule us, they attack us because we don’t go by their so-called “norm”.
To them, we are insanely different.

But, may you embrace and dignify this difference. Because this is what makes us special.

We are meant to transform traditions.
We are destined to transcend boundaries.
We are bound to translate wisdom.

No matter what those haters say, being different is a gift.
The light of our uniqueness illuminates the world.
Being trans is a currency that will always be of value.
Because our Supreme Being (the Universe) beautifully created us the way we are.

With love,

Miss Mela

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