A Trans Woman’s Risk

The HIV and AIDS epidemic has long been attached to the LGBTQI+ community since the early 1980’s. As of December 2017, the HIV/AIDS and ART Registry of the Philippines has reported that 87% of sexually transmitted cases of HIV are men having sex with men (MSM).
Globally, there is limited data on the prevalence of HIV infection among transgender people as most epidemiological surveillance systems only ask for a person’s sex at birth, making transgender women fall under the MSM category. A meta-analysis by Baral and colleagues in 2013 [4] revealed that the average HIV prevalence among trans women in several North American, Latin American, European, and Asian countries was 19.1%, significantly higher than the general population. Other studies, found that transgender persons have higher risk of HIV infection than MSM.

JOB OPENING: Nurse for Philippines’ First Transgender-specfic Health and Wellness Center

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LoveYourself Launches The Philippines’ First Transgender Health Clinic and Testing Center

LoveYourself further diversifies its services with the establishment of Victoria Health and Wellness Center (VHWC), a clinic with services focused on the needs of transgender persons. Together with LoveYourself’s partner, the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM), VHWC will provide a gender-sensitive, holistic, and inclusive set of key health and wellness services to transgenders through its health clinic and counselling center.