Recall that moment when you did something for the first time. Some people would have sweaty palms and parched throat but still be game and giddy in anticipation. Others would try to keep a cool facade despite the looming anxiety inside their chest.

In this year’s Hot Nurses of Pinas on National HIV Testing day we invite you to experience HIV testing for the first time. This coming June 15, 2019, together with our partner CBOs, the gorgeous nurses we have scouted will guarantee that your first time testing experience will be safe, sweet, and swift. Still need convincing? Well let our hot nurses share their first time experiences with you!

Moving On As a Routine

The Hot Nurses bring optimism in the fight against HIV and the stigma attached to it. They are passionate to influence others to know their status that results to having peace of mind. Take it from Nurses Jaycee and Jerome who both agree that timely testing is the first step towards moving on from the stigma.

“I think, being aware means being able to take care of yourself and a person who knows how to take care of himself is hot” says Nurse Omie who is a staunch believer of regular HIV testing as a self-care routine. Jerome also believes that being aware means being able to take care of yourself and easily moving on from doubts that may be caused by the uncertainties of not knowing your status. Even if Jerome is a non-practicing nurse, he still conducts SOGIE and HIV 101 sessions through the LGBTQ group that he leads. In this age where information can easily be accessed, Jerome believes that being hot is also tantamount to being informed.

Nurse Jaycee’s moving on story started with him being scared about HIV because he was not as informed as he is today.

Nung bata pa ko, may nanakot kasi sakin nun, naka-sex ko siya tapos tinanong niya ‘ko about HIV. Sobrang takot ako nun pero eventually nagkalakas ako ng loob [to get tested] ” (When I was younger, I had a sexual encounter with someone who asked me about HIV. I was terrified, but I eventually mustered the courage to get tested).

Nurse Jaycee managed to overcome his fear through testing. He took the first step to educate himself about HIV and, in the process, he has also informed other people about it. Jaycee moved on by taking a courageous step towards awareness through testing.

Firsts can be uneasy but our hot nurses are here to make knowing your status easier. They were once afraid of testing, but after knowing that it’s safe and confidential, they’ve discovered the courage to undergo testing and now they have moved on and have even become the faces of promoting timely testing.

The First Step

Meet the faces of this year’s National HIV Testing Day on June 15, 2019. We promise you they’ll be gentle during testing and knowing your status will be one of the memorable firsts that you’ll share with your friends. Don’t forget to sign up here to be a part of this summer’s National HIV Testing Day.

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Text by Tofi Alonte