Now who says you can’t have both safe and satisfying sex? LoveYourself has long been advocating for people to follow a Triangle of Self-Care to prevent HIV transmission. From timely testing and treatment and correct and consistent use of condoms and lubes,  one of its key components is safe and satisfying sex.

With the emergence of love toy shops in the local market, Filipinos now have a chance to explore their sexuality and satisfy their curiosity. One particular brand is making quite a buzz in the last few months because of its unique approach to normalizing sex as a topic.

Opening its online store in May 2019, Lauvette is a love toy shop that’s revolutionizing the sex toy industry in the Philippines by marketing their goods as classy, fun, and safe that Filipinos can use without shame. 

It separates itself from other love toy shops in the market by creating a light, welcoming, and playful website that a beginner or a pro can visit. Their collection of love toys cater to all types of budgets, sexes[, and relationship status. They give special attention to those who are in long distance relationships (LDR) with their smart love toys from premium US brands so you can feel your partner’s touch even from far away.

All deliveries are sent discreetly. One can easily fall in love with their millennial pink box with coupons, love letters, and confetti inside. They even have a convenient Cash on Delivery option!

But what really cuts Lauvette above the rest is that it is a love toy shop that they are advocacy-driven. First, Lauvette publishes articles daily on their blog called LauvBlog that serves to educate people about topics on sex, love, life, and relationships. With this, Lauvette creates a safe and empowered community that looks at sex toys as an integral part in understanding and embracing sexual health and sex positivity. In an effort to give back to the community, they have an active partnership with LoveYourself where every purchase in Lauvette contributes to LoveYourself’s HIV awareness programs and projects.

What are you waiting for? Visit today to get your first love toy while supporting the HIV advocacy!