LoveYourself joins the first ever virtual International AIDS Conference entitled AIDS 2020: Virtual from July 2-10, 2020. With a total of 10 presentations from the pre-conference to the conference proper on July 6-10, LoveYourself has shared its experience and best practices in the provision of sexual health services in the Philippines to the global audience of over 175 countries.

The International AIDS Conference is among the top conferences that researchers in the HIV and AIDS sphere would want to be seen. It was an honor to be chosen as a presenter. shared LoveYourself Program Manager, Joseph Cadelina.

The 23rd International AIDS Conference opened by discussing the impact of COVID-19 to global HIV response. Amid research findings showing the socioeconomic vulnerability of LGBTQIA+ community, disruption of PrEP services, and challenges in treatment, WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghbreyesus calls on the nations and their development partners to ensure the continuous delivery of sexual health services.

The latest in HIV prevention, treatment, and cure research were also presented during AIDS 2020: Virtual. Some exceptional presentations include a discussion on new methods of effective treatment, and a case study on a possible remission of HIV infection. LoveYourself presented standout papers as well as staff showed its experience in adopting telemedicine in its community based approach in providing PrEP, its innovative test-and-treat approach in HIV care, and its efforts in scaling up the Philippines’ first community led transgender community center, among many others.
The continuation of the 23rd International AIDS Conference as AIDS 2020: Virtual is a testament to the world’s dedication to global health goals in the elimination of HIV and AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. Through a combination of responsive and proactive sexual health services, systems, and partnerships, efforts can certainly be augmented to reach key populations, and normalize discussion on HIV and AIDS. For more information on AIDS 2020: Virtual, you can visit

Text by Carlos Diego A. Rozul