LoveYourself’s very own Peachy Roberts enjoys her growing social media presence, with online shows and hosting stints filling up her plate, making her, as she gamely puts in jest, “a host and celebrity, char!” Six years with the organization seems to keep her rooted in the advocacy she chose, and here’s another opportunity for her to do what she loves while serving a purpose: being part of the newest #SaferNowPH campaign to disprove HIV misconceptions, working alongside fellow baklang kanals Inah Evans and Viñas Deluxe.

“More emote, more eksena, more awareness sa mga taong kulang pa sa kaalaman tungkol sa (to those who may still lack education about) safe sex,” says Peachy, who believes a lot of people still need to be educated about HIV to increase awareness, which in turn helps battle stigma. “Hindi pa kasi lahat, open (Not everyone has an open mind).”

Has she personally encountered misconceptions or wrong impressions about herself? “Wrong impression? Na ako ay isang diwata (that I’m a fairy, no less)! Char!” Peachy sure jokes about a lot of things all the time, but definitely takes her advocacy and role in this campaign seriously.

Magbibida-bida tayo para makita nila na hindi kailangang matakot sa sakit na HIV at pwede natin itong laban!

Peachy Roberts

We tried to know what makes Peachy feel peachy about her volunteer work through this short LoveYourself interview: 

Have you personally heard of or encountered a myth related to how HIV is prevented? 

Uminom ng sabon… para malinis ang pag-ihi (ingest soap to clean your system). Hindi nadadaan sa pag-inom ng sabon o kung anuman ang STIs or HIV/AIDS (You don’t ingest soap or any antiseptic to treat sexually-transmitted infection or HIV/AIDS). Mayroon tayong tamang gamot para diyan, at mayroong grupo tulad ng LoveYourself na gagabay sa ‘yo (There’s available medication to treat those, and there are organizations like LoveYourself ready to offer assistance)! Ganurn!

Talking about awareness means having some level of wisdom you may have not had when you’re younger. What’s the one thing you wish you can tell your younger self about sex and love? 

Dahan-dahan, dahan-dahan, dahan-dahan lang…” (A line Peachy took from a Maja Salvador song.)

As a LoveYourself volunteer, what’s one thing you’ve learned about loving oneself, and eradicating HIV? 

Pang-Miss U level ang tanong (That’s a Miss Universe pageant level of question)! “Thank you for that wonderful question!” Mahalin ang sarili at respetuhin ang sarili bago ka matutong magmahal ng iba nang buo (love and respect yourself and you’ll eventually learn to love other people whole-heartedly)! Sa LoveYourself tuturuan ka ng mga bagay na dapat mo malaman (LoveYourself helps you learn more about) kung saan nakukuha ang iba’t ibang STIs, at paggamit ng proteksyon, at syempre… PrEP (where you can get STIs, how to protect yourself, and even recently, all about PrEP).

If you we’re with friends and family, how are you discussing HIV Prevention? 

Gagamitan ko ng pang malakasang chart na may mga visuals, ganyan (I flash them all those charts and visuals when I can)! At syempre, ibibida ko ang mga campaign ni LoveYourself na makikita sa social media (Of course, I take the chance to mention about LoveYourself and its campaigns, which are also all over social media, anyway).

Mga mars! Maraming paraan para maiwasan ang HIV! Magbasa at wag mahihiyang mag tanong! If you love yourself! Protect yourself! Lavan!

Peachy Roberts

Catch more of Peachy Roberts as she busts HIV myths and misconceptions and help promote a #SaferNowPH.