Asha Gutierrez joins transgender sisters in scaling up trans health service delivery in the Philippines. Since her participation in Transcendence: Leveling Up Transgender Community Health Ssytems in the Philippines on November 2020, she has created initiatives to help women. Gutierrez is a founding member of Transcend by LoveYourself.

Transcend by LoveYourself was formally established in 2020 to address the barriers and lack of services catered for the cisgender women and the transgender community. This was first started with the establishment of Victoria by LoveYourself, the first community center that offers holistic services for the transgender community. Aside from the biomedical services, Transcend by LoveYourself is expanding its programs to research, campaigns, events and outreach activities which for transgender and cisgender women.

“Even during the pandemic, we continue to provide services for holistic well-being, and to continue to promote empowerment to all, especially for the LGBTQIA+ community and cisgender women. ” shared Gutierrez.

In March 2021, Gutierrez was part of the #BreakFreePH campaign for Transcend by LoveYourself. As a women’s month campaign, it emphasized cis and trans women empowerment, women’s sexual health, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and women and trans health services provided by Victoria by LoveYourself community center.

Asha with Miss World 2013 Megan Young,  Miss Trans Global 2020 Mela Habijan, and the rest of the #BreakFreePH team.

Currently, Gutierrez is engaged in #WeStandForWomen, a national foundation that will create ripples of positive change for women who have survived abusive relationships under Transcend by LoveYourself. The initiative aims to establish a safe space support system that involves community empowerment in conjunction with therapy and counselling. As a transformative arm of Transcend by LoveYourself, the initiative creates support for positive growth against all forms of abuse to all women. As a candidate for Miss World Philippines, Gutierrez hopes to bring #WeStandForWomen to a worldwide audience to support the cause on May 20, 2021.

In action and in fashion: Asha fronting the Victoria by LoveYourself desk, and facing the cameras at the Love Gala in 2019.

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