Just Wandaring: Reasons Why We Volunteer with Francis Dacanay

LoveYourself celebrates its 9th anniversary this July. Truly, a lot has changed since its inception, with over 1,200 volunteers strong, and seven community centers nationwide. Volunteers are indeed the lifeblood of the organization, with their dedicated service and . The Wandaring Trio asked fellow volunteers on Facebook on what their top reasons why they stay active with LoveYourself. Special guest, Francis Dacanay joined the trio in sharing their sentiments for the organization. All of that while we guess what could be in Miss Wanda’s mystery box tonight.

Usapang ATBPride: Intersex, Asexual, Queer, and Non-Binary

Usapang ATBPride: Intersex, Asexual, Queer, and Non-Binary

We reach the home stretch of this year’s Pride Month, but LoveYourself’s Usapang ATBPride just won’t leave anyone …

The Universe Speaks: How to be an Ally

Whenever the universe speaks to us, we feel a sense of serenity and contentment. During Pride Month on June 13, 2020 Miss Universe 2015 and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for Asia and the Pacific Pia Wurtzbach shared her voice in becoming an ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, hosted by the Phikippines’ King of Talk, Boy Abunda on The Universe Speaks by LoveYourselfTV.

Usapang ATBPride: Bisexuals, Pansexuals, and the Transgender Community

Episode 3, “Love EveryJUAN, Love Everyone” centered on breaking stereotypes on bisexuals and pansexuals by acknowledging their similarities, and telling apart the differences: mainly that pansexuals are attracted to all genders, whereas bisexuals are drawn to the same gender as themselves, as well as the opposite gender. They also tackled the issue on the dangers of bisexual erasure and how dangerous it is that it happens even within the LGBTQIA+ community, and how the simple virtue of respect and a strong sense of self-identity can help eliminate this alienating concept.

Just Wandaring: Top 5 Gay Icons with Bench Ortiz

What a way for Just Wandaring to celebrate Pride Month! The Wandaring Trio, Mikoy, Macoy, and Ms. Wanda discuss the top five gay icons of our viewers! These women have been such an influential part of the development so many members of the LGBT community. As inspirations with their glamorous looks, and powerful morals that stands in solidarity with the community. Special Guest Bench Ortiz also dives into the discussion with his Wild Confessions while viewers guess what’s inside Ms. Wanda’s mystery box.

Usapang ATBPride: Lesbians and Gays

In celebration of Pride Month, LoveYourself Inc. launched Usapang ATBPride, an online discussion series highlighting the different facets of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, and more (LGBTQIA+) Community. This week, we delved deeper into issues faced by people who identify as lesbian and gay.

Just Wandaring: Top 5 Beki Words with BJ Pascual

Just Wandaring is now officially part of the LoveYourselfTV family just in time for Pride Month! On its first ever showing on YouTube, the Wandaring trio, Mikoy, Macoy, and Wanda, discuss the top five Beki (Filipino LGBT) Words with special guest BJ Pascual while viewers guess what’s inside Ms. Wanda’s mystery box.

Usapang ATBPride: Opening Inclusive Diversity

This June, LoveYourself launches its LGBT Pride Month Campaign ATBPride (At Iba Pride), a play on the Filipino abbreviation for …

GLAMMed Up for Valentine’s Day

LoveYourself, Inc. once again co-presented GLAMM: (Gays, Lesbians, And Many More), a phenomenal LGBTQ+ party. GLAMM is going for its third run this Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2020, at Cove Manila in Okada Manila. Cove Manila is the biggest indoor beach club and night club in Southeast Asia that continuously supporting the advocacies of LoveYourself for HIV awareness and inclusivity.

A Night of Glamour and Advocacy at Cove Manila

The organization is proud to have been supported by GLAMM 2 at Cove Manila in Okada Manila – the biggest indoor beach club and nightclub in Southeast Asia. Gays, Lesbians, And Many More or simply GLAMM is the grandest LGBTQ+ party of its kind in Cove Manila! This Saturday night party last October 19 showcased loads of guest performers, and party-goers who made fun all night, bearing the spirit of advocacy, pride and unity.